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Price: $599.95
Availability: 1
Model: FPSW1
Manufacturer: FOXPRO
Average Rating: Not Rated

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FOXPRO has set the bar once again with the all NEW SHOCKWAVE. This four speaker system has two horn speakers and two tweeters for unrivaled sound quality and volume capability. There are 2 external speaker jacks if you desire even more volume, an auxiliary jack to connect an approved device such as a Jack Predator Decoy, and a charge jack.

The SHOCKWAVE comes with 100 high quality FOXPRO sounds with the ability to store and access up to 1000 sounds. You can operate the SHOCKWAVE manually or with the TX-1000 remote control. The TX-1000 features a full color graphic LCD screen which displays your sound list or sound categories, has a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, timer or time clock, FOXBANG technology and much more.

FOXPRO's SHOCKWAVE redefines what an electronic game call can do with several NEW FOXPRO innovations. FOXMotion allows you to fade the sound from the left speakers to the right speakers to help “sell” the reality of your call sounds. FOXFusion allows you to mix and match any two sounds at the same time during your calling sequence. FOXPitch allows you to manipulate the “pitch” of the sound in an effort to trigger a response. FOXData allows you to record real time information from each and every stand so you can access the data for future reference. The SHOCKWAVE is backed by a 5 year limited warranty and FOXPRO's unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA. For more.

Key SHOCKWAVE Features:

o    Includes 100 calls of your choice; 1,000 sound capacity

·         Speakers SWIVEL for directional sound focusing

·         4-Speaker System

o    2 Reentrant horn speakers

o    2 Tweeters

·         SHOCKWAVE Specifications

o    Dimensions: 5.75" deep X 12.25" wide X 7" tall

o    Weight: 3.25lbs (with batteries)

o    File formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, 24B, and FXP

o    Operates on 10 AA batteries

·         Moon phase indicators; temp and barometer readings

·         Select between real time clock or stand timer

·         Remotely turn speakers OFF/ON

·         Mix, match, and play 2 sounds of YOUR Choice at any time!

·         2.7" color LCD remote display

·         Rugged ABS housing


o    FOXMOTION - Mimic moving prey by fading sound from left speaker to right

o    FOXFUSION - Mix and match any two sounds of your choice

o    FOXPITCH - Lets you manipulate the "pitch" of any sound in an effort to trigger a response

o    FOXDATA - Activate FOXDATA and it records real time information (temp, barometer, moon phase, stand duration, shot time) from each stand.  Over time you will be able to predict animal activity/hunting success based on hard data

·         Includes the all new TX-1000 remote control




When purchasing a Shockwave, if you would like to receive the standard FOXCAST professional calling sequences, be sure to select the standard sound list rather than picking out a custom sound list, otherwise they will not be included.

Subject to caller availability from FoxPro.   Caller will ship separately.





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