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No Off Season offers guided high volume varmint hunting in the Sage Rat Capital of the world.  These hunts are on exclusive, private property. No hunting license is required.

A guide, shooting benches and rests are provided. Just bring your favorite varmint rifles, optics and lots of ammo! Rimfires as well as centerfire rifles are welcome on this unique property which is located adjacent to a large tract of grazing land making for safe shooting opportunities.

Kids with hunter safety training are welcome. This is a great opportunity to introduce new shooters to hunting and enough action to keep even your die-hard video game junkies interested.

The best times for sage rat hunting are late March through May. Our calendar is limited so if high volume shooting in a target rich environment appeals to you, you owe it to yourself to make your reservation today.

A guide, shooting benches and rests are provided. Lunch is served daily on site.  Just bring your rifle, optics and LOTS of ammo! Although this property can handle a number of shooters easily, we limit total hunter numbers to ensure a quality experience so book early to get the dates you prefer.

The deposit is 100% refundable if the hunt is cancelled with 30 days notice, 50% refundable with two weeks notice and becomes non-refundable seven days before the beginning of your hunt. 

Please Note: Due to ricochet hazard, full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition is NOT allowed including ball and green tip ammo. 


For more information go to our GUIDED HUNTS Page.  

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Guided Hunt Deposit
Guided Hunt Deposit
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