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Slope Doper

Slope Doper
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Price: $25.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: TSD-3
Manufacturer: Slope Doper
Average Rating: Not Rated

Slope Doper will assist you in becoming a more accurate marksman.   No need to have multiple ADI’s or ACI’s mounted on different Firearms when just one Slope Doper will cover all your rifles.

Easy to use

Site your target along the top of the Slope Doper or lay the Slope Doper on a surface of your firearm parallel to your bore. Capture the pendulum against the face of the Slope Doper with your finder. Make the indicated correction to your range.  Shoot.


Reliable & virtually indestructible
Slope Doper is completely mechanical – there are no batteries or electronics to fail. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum plate, the Slope Doper is not affected by cold, heat, humidity, or impact. 


Inexpensive peace of mind

For less than the price of a box of ammo, you can have peace of mind with Slope Doper.


Easy to store

Slope Doper stores readily in your data book cover or shirt pocket.


Mil-dot formula

 As an aid to range finding, use the handy Mil-dot formulas printed on the back of your Slope Doper.


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Slope Doper
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