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Primos Alpha Dogg

Primos Alpha Dogg
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Price: $319.99 $209.95
Availability: 1
Model: PR20100
Manufacturer: Primos
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

The Primos Alpha Dogg is the apex of predator calling technology.

The Alpha Dogg doesn't give you just individual sounds to choose from, it has Expert™ Hunts which allow you to have Randy Anderson and other Team Primos members actually calling for you! These are proven hunt sets that get dogs in! 

This is the most powerful "No Distortion" speaker system available, it has 2 cone speakers that can be adjusted to cover 180 degrees and one forward facing horn speaker. The 180° Rotating Cone Speakers cover more area and produce more realistic, dynamic sound. 

Powered by Dual 25 watt digital amps there is No Distortion! 

Simple to use Remote can be operated quickly with one hand and has a range of 200 yards. Remote sound list is displayed on easy to read 2.5" High Res. TFT screen and sounds are organized by species such as coyote, fox, bobcat, deer, elk, etc. 

Comes with 75 sounds and 6 complete Expert™ Hunts. Professional Sound library allows you to add sounds and other newly released Expert™ Hunts. Stores up to 1000 sounds on 2GB of memory. 

Take the guess work out of "Speaking the Language" with the Alpha Dogg!


- Audio Out Port - Add additional speaker
- Audio In Port - Play custom sounds from external device like an MP3 player
- USB Cable Port - Download additional sounds and Expert Calling sequences.
- Rugged Speaker Case with Elevated Lets
- Universal Tri-Pod mounting threads
- Realtree MAX-1 Camouflage
- Simple to Use 200 Yard Remote
- Sound Playlist Menu is organized by species such as coyote, fox, bobcat, deer, elk, etc.
- 2.5" Full Color LCD
- User Programmable HOT Button (First time ever offered) that changes the activity of your calling system in an instant, allowing you to react to your hunting scenario.
- Programmable Instant Decoy/Hot Button Options Include:
- Operates decoys with motion jack
- Changing to predefined sound
- Changing to predefined volume level
- Recalling previously played sound
- Pulling up favorite playlist and many other options

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Primos Alpha Dogg
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Primos Alpha Dogg
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Primos Alpha Dogg
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